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Innovative ideas.

The reinforcement of entrepreneurship as a relevant subject in the domains of arts and media disciplines.

Latest technologies.

The creation of a cross European network of schools and organizations focused on promoting entrepreneurship teaching and research in the areas of arts and media and in reinforcing the linkage between training in these areas and the promotion of new business and activities in the areas of the creative industries.

New opportunities.

The association between the seminars to be implemented and the materials to be produced and disseminated.

Successful projects.

The introduction and teaching of entrepreneurship at the higher education level in the areas of arts and media in Europe. The bridging of the gap between art’s skillsets and business skills sets.

Great network.

The production of training and research resources and materials dealing with entrepreneurship and arts. The aggregation around this network of a set of relevant schools, organizations and experienced professionals and academics that deal with entrepreneurship in the fields of the arts and media.

Stay in touch.

The reinforcement of the public awareness of arts and media as valuable and relevant fields for entrepreneurship activities and development. The reinforcement of the importance of the Creative Industries to the economic and social development in Europe.


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